Top 10 Massage Chair Features

Here's a list of Top 10 Features to Consider When Purchaisng a Massage Chair.


Here’s a list of top 10 features to consider when selecting a massage chair.  

  1. Timer Settings
    Most massage chairs offer a timer and allow massages in various time increments.
  2. Rolling, Kneading, Tapping
    Rolling is the massage chair function in which the rollers roll up and down your back and massage the muscles most likely to need relaxation. Kneading is the function that accomplishes most closely what a massage therapist would do, and that is to knead the muscles much like a baker would knead a loaf of bread. It relaxes the muscles more thoroughly than simple rolling. Tapping also allows for more thorough relaxation. The chair accomplishes this by tapping on different portions of your back with the rollers, the way a massage therapist would. Many of the more advanced chairs will perform two or more of these functions simultaneously.
  3. Roller Width Adjustment
    Because the rollers deliver the massage to your back, you want to be able to adjust the width of the massage. Higher-end models provide for three widths. This allows you to customize the massage to your back size and massage preferences.
  4. Air Massage
    Air bags function by compressing the muscles like a Swedish massage. The best and most technologically-advanced chairs offer this functionality. This type of massage can be very relaxing, and it is offered in many manufacturer’s chairs.
  5. Vibration
    Vibration provides relaxing movement on a shallow scale to the entire body, and it adds value to a massage chair, since it delivers a different type of massage. However, it cannot replace the roller functions that deliver deep massage through mechanical and air bag pressure.
  6. Automated Programs
    The best chairs offer pre-programmed routines for massage. Many of the better chairs will offer from 3 to 6 different automated programs to allow you to choose which you like best.
  7. Leg and Foot Massage
    Leg and foot message can be delivered either by air bag or by rollers. Air bags can be very relaxing and tend to give a fuller massage for all types of legs and feet and are more effective for different shapes of legs.
  8. Leather
    Although genuine leather is recommended for some home furnishing needs, experts tend to advise against it for massage chairs. Because of the heat and movement generated by a massage chair, specially engineered synthetic fabrics hold up better than natural ones. It is best to purchase a chair with high-quality stretchable synthetic leather. This makes the chair more durable and easier to clean.
  9. Warranty
    It is important to consider the warranty offered for each chair. A warranty that provides for in home service covering both labor and parts is the best.
  10. Removable Back Pads
    Adding pads to a massage chair allows you to soften a massage without giving up the option of a very strong massage (by using thinner pads). This important feature allows you to further customize the intensity of the massage.































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