For over 40 years Panasonic has been the most recognizable  name in professional massage loungers. Panasonic massage chairs have led the  American market, and their technological innovations have re-created the massage  chair industry over the last decade. Panasonic Massage chairs have become synonymous with quality, durability and style.

In today's massage chair market it can often be difficult to distinguish between  flashy, superfluous features and those that actually improve the massage  experience. Panasonic massage chairs is dedicated to researching and developing technology that surpasses the expectations of what a robotic massage chair can do.

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Here's a list of Top 10 Features to Consider When Purchaisng a Massage Chair. The Panasonic EPMA70 Massage Chair with Heated Massage Heads is the newest reclining massage chair from Panasonic with 3-D massage mechanism and air massage technology.
Top 10 Massage Chair FeaturesEPMA70 Massage Lounger

Here's a list of Top 10 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Massage Chair.

Innovative Thermal Massage Heads

Air Massage Technology

3 Unique Massage & Stretching Techniques

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