Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair


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The Osaki OS-4000 has all of the features offered by the OS-3000 plus hip air massage, seat vibration massage, neck and shoulder air massage, air and vibration arm massage, and heat therapy for your back lumbar area. Choosing your massage is easy with the 6 unique auto programs: Healthcare, Therapy, Circulation, Relax, Smart, and Demo, all with one touch of a button. Massage combinations are endless with 6 of the most desirable techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo. Add to that 5 speed and intensity settings and you have complete control of your massage for ultimate relaxation. There is also automatic massage settings for the upper body (shoulder, neck, back and lumbar) and the lower body (buttock, thigh, calves and feet). You can manually adjust the massage for the upper body with three options: full body, partial and fixed. You can choose any of six massage styles - rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo.


Zero Gravity technology
The chair reclines and lifts your legs until they are above your heart. The benefits of the Zero Gravity position is pressure relief for the spine, relaxation of the neck and back, less pressure on the heart, increased circulation and blood oxygen levels, and expanded lung capacity.

Body Scan technology
At the touch of a button the Osaki OS-4000 will scan your body to adjust the rollers for the perfect massage and automatically adjust the height and width of the chair to fit your body. Coupled with the S-Track massage robot, this chair is can focus on specific problem areas like the neck, shoulder, and lumbar.

46 Multilayered Air Bags
The Osaki OS-4000 has 46 air bags of various sizes that massage your entire body to further enhance the zero gravity experience. The massage technique is very close to that of the human hands, placing pressure strategically to enhance the overall massage experience. Airbags hug your body from the neck to lower back, from the arms to the calves.

Truly Ergonomic S-Track
The Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is ergonomically designed to follow the natural S-curve of the human spine. It provides support to both your neck and back, especially the lumbar area. This position increases the effects of massage as it enables each disc of our spine to individually separate and decompress, allowing nutrients to enter disc tissue.

Comprehensive Human Hand-Like Massage
Equipped with extra soft twin rollers to mimic the feel of the human thumb, thereby enhancing the massage experience. The width of the rollers can be adjusted to medium or narrow mode to suit individual needs for better penetrating effects.

4 Unique Massage Functions
Kneading, rolling, tapping, and clapping. Each
functions as a push & grasp massage for
maximum therapeutic effect. These massages
are particularly effective for the neck and shoulders.

Remote Control
The easy-to-use controller with LCD display allows you to make changes with just the touch of a button. There’s even a convenient mini-remote. With the built-in auto timer you can adjust the massage from 5-30 minutes with an automatic shutoff when the program is complete.

The OS-4000 is available in four color combinations:
black & beige, brown & black, charcoal & beige, and cream & beige.  


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