Omega Montage Pro Chair

The Montage Pro massage chair is the latest technological marvel by Omega. The Montage Pro massage chair delivers a comprehensive full body massage and is a zero gravity recliner.


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Key Features:

The Ultimate Massaging Machine™
The Montage Pro massage chair is the latest technological marvel by Omega. The Montage Pro massage chair delivers a comprehensive full body massage and is a zero gravity recliner. The zero gravity position improves your blood circulation and enhances the effectiveness of the massage. You can choose from five automatic programs and four manual massage techniques. Other massage features include full body heat, a comprehensive air massage system utilizing 30 airbags, and reflexology foot massage. And there is a built-in music player with high fidelity headphones and external speakers. The Montage Pro is the ultimate massaging machine™.

The futuristic look of the Montage Pro contains sophisticated technology to provide comprehensive therapy on demand. The quality of the upholstery, stitching and trim is world class and elegantly styled.

Chair Back & Leg Rest: 
The motorized chair back and leg rest work independently. You can use the fingertip controls to change the angle of the chair back and leg rest. Press auto recline to recline the chair back to the zero gravity position. The auto reset function which will automatically return the chair to its upright position when the massage is completed. The leg rest can be extended an extra 8 inches to accommodate those with longer legs. This enables you to position the calf and foot rest where you like for effective therapy.

Therapeutic Massages: 
Choose from the five automatic full body massage programs including relaxation, activation, vitality, night and morning. You may also select from four manual massage techniques including kneading, tapping, rolling and shiatsu. Back massages include the whole back, thoracic, cervical, lumbar and point massage. This allows you to select a given area to focus the massage. You can also move the rollers up and down to a specific spot for targeted relief.

Zero Gravity Position:  
Choose one of the 2 zero gravity positions to better relax your body, distribute weight, improve circulation, and make the massage more effective. “Zero gravity 1” keeps your body at a comfortable angle to minimize joint stress. “Zero gravity 2” elevates your legs above your heart to enhance blood flow and distribute your weight – a position recommended for people with edema or other circulatory issues.

The leg rest incorporates reflexology foot massage - the best foot massage of its kind. Specialized magnets target your reflexology trigger points. Dedicated airbags provide pressure around the feet to relieve tension while the foot roller stimulates the soles with three speed settings. There is also soothing heat therapy to loosen tight muscles.

Massage Functions:  
Choose from four manual massage techniques including tapping, rolling, kneading and a kneading/tapping combination. There are 30 airbags to provide full body massage and you can select one of five levels of air pressure intensity.

This massage technique feels like the fingers and thumbs of two hands squeezing in unison as they carefully and methodically work their way to loosen stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back.

The massage rollers go up and down along the spine from your lower back up to your neck and then back down. The roller width can be adjusted to three different settings.

This technique feels like the edges of two hands rhythmically tapping to penetrate into the body and relax your muscles.

Kneading and Tapping Combination
This massage feels like a pair of thumbs carefully alternating between the right and left sides as they zero in on their target. The kneading helps to loosen up your muscles while the tapping invigorates you.

4 Back Massage Courses:
You can select from whole back, upper back, middle back and lower back. There is also a point massage allowing you to target specific points for relief.

  • Whole Back Course - covers your entire back from the neck down to the waist.
  • Upper Back Course - concentrates on the upper back, shoulders and neck.
  • Middle Back Course - concentrates on the middle portion of your back.
  • Lower back course - concentrates on the lower lumbar and waist area.
  • Point massage – adjust the rollers to massage a specific area from the neck to the waist.

You can adjust the chair back and leg rest independently to ensure a comfortable position.

Special Features:

Music Therapy:  
The built-in MP3 player has external speakers and comes with high fidelity headphones. The Montage Pro incorporates music to relax the mind and the body making the massage more effective. Load your favorite music onto the included USB stick. Then just sit back, relax and drift off to your favorite music.

Music Synchronization:   
When this feature is activated, the massage rollers for the back will actually move to the rhythm of the music being played. This feature enables you to have an infinite variety of massage sensations based on the music selected. You can activate or deactivate the music synchronization function at any time.

Air Compression Massage System: 
The Montage Pro massage chair is equipped with 30 specially designed airbags to replicate the movements of a master massage therapist. The air pressure massage provides a squeezing, hold and release sensation to massage your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head, obliques, buttocks, thighs, hips, calves and feet. And the seat of the massage chair even has a hip vibration massage. The side panels have arm wells that are integrated with airbags to provide a full arm massage.

Extendable Foot Rest: 
The motorized leg rest extends a total of eight extra inches to better position the air compression bags for greater effectiveness on the calves. The leg rest extends up to 4 inches and the space between the calf and foot extends an additional 4 inches.

LCD Touch Screen Remote Control and Fingertip Controls.
The Montage Pro LCD touch screen is simple and easy to use. With one touch you can activate one of five pre-programed massages. The chair automatically reclines to zero gravity position 1. Lit fingertip controls have been strategically positioned in the armrests for easy access. This enables you to make adjustments on the fly from any position.

Montage Premier Massage Chair Specifications
Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz               
Power Consumption: 120 to 290 Watts  
Massaging Rated: 30 Minutes    
Recline Angle: 115~175 Degrees               
Massage Stroke Length: 30 Inches            
  W35" xD51" xH48" (Upright)
  W35"' xD77" xH46" (Reclined)   
Net Weight: 253 lbs        
Cover Fabric Materials: Fire Retardant PVC Leather         
Remote Control(s): LCD Touch Screen Remote,  Fingertip Controls in Armrest    
- LCD Touch Screen Remote Control
- MP3 Music Player Headphones 
- 1GB USB Flash Memory Stick
- Detachable Headrest Cushion
- Detachable Seat Cushion
- Removable Back Pad     

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